At the end of March there was a new update for FileLocator Pro titled March 28th Performance Release. The significant performance enhancement was concerned with how FileLocator Pro handles Boolean searches, especially when concerned with wildcards or word boundaries. It’s not such a big deal when searching for one or two keywords (modern processors are SO much faster than standard HDDs that the performance bottleneck is reading the data not searching it) but with faster SSDs (or cached data) and large keywords lists the performance improvements of the new Boolean searching routines really make a difference.

Keep checking the Version History page because there a plenty more upgrades on the way!

2 thoughts on “Performance

  1. John Cadogan

    I’m licensed for version 2.02.

    Am I eligible for an upgrade?

    Love the product.


    1. Dave Vest

      Yes, all versions are eligible for the upgrade price.

      ps. Apologies for the delay in responding, this comment appeared to slip under the radar.

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