Windows keyboard shortcut for snapping

A few weeks back a colleague showed me a keyboard short-cut that I’ve been using constantly since. It’s concerned with how to snap windows using just the keyboard. It’s really simple:

WinKey + Left arrow

WinKey + Right arrow

Even better, if you have multiple monitors repeated ‘snapping’ moves the window across the monitors. Brilliant.

One thought on “Windows keyboard shortcut for snapping

  1. Jim

    I’ve recently discovered this feature too–immensely helpful. One limitation is that I often want an app to take-up 3/4 of the screen’s width (e.g., browser), but the feature only supports 1/2 and full-width. FYI, I ended-up writing an AutoHotKey script to extend to 3/4-width, and assigned it to the Windows-key+shift+left/right-arrow. I’d post the code here, but my
    employer doesn’t allow it–bummer. (It’s just 10 LOC for each arrow-key.)
    BTW: I’ve been using FileLocator Pro for file-content searches, and it’s been great–very helpful and easy to use. I haven’t found any other programs that are as reliable in examining file content, for various file types.

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