Windows keyboard shortcut for snapping

A few weeks back a colleague showed me a keyboard short-cut that I’ve been using constantly since. It’s concerned with how to snap windows using just the keyboard. It’s really simple:

WinKey + Left arrow

WinKey + Right arrow

Even better, if you have multiple monitors repeated ‘snapping’ moves the window across the monitors. Brilliant.

1 thought on “Windows keyboard shortcut for snapping

  1. Jim

    I’ve recently discovered this feature too–immensely helpful. One limitation is that I often want an app to take-up 3/4 of the screen’s width (e.g., browser), but the feature only supports 1/2 and full-width. FYI, I ended-up writing an AutoHotKey script to extend to 3/4-width, and assigned it to the Windows-key+shift+left/right-arrow. I’d post the code here, but my
    employer doesn’t allow it–bummer. (It’s just 10 LOC for each arrow-key.)
    BTW: I’ve been using FileLocator Pro for file-content searches, and it’s been great–very helpful and easy to use. I haven’t found any other programs that are as reliable in examining file content, for various file types.

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