Monthly Archives: October 2020

Running a little late, sorry

Just in case you’re wondering what’s going on with FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack we just wanted to share some updates.

There’s no denying that version 9 is running late. We had hoped to release it in 2019 but the Agent Ransack Pro/Lite mode work pushed it back quite a bit. There’s also been a lot of feedback from version 8, especially surrounding indexing, which has involved a major rework of how indexing works internally.

Indexing in v9 will include an option for real-time updates, the ability to group indexes together, and also precise search options, including search by Name, Size, Date, Type, and Location. A sneaky preview screenshot also shows that the indexing history is much more accessible to help diagnose and resolve any indexing issues.

One other thing you’ll probably notice from the screenshot is that there is now an improved dark theme for v9, a very common feature request.

Don’t worry if indexing isn’t an important feature for you as there’s plenty of other new functionality coming in v9, which we’ll be sharing over the next few months.

At the moment the expected release date is Apr 2021 but whatever the actual date is all v8 purchases made now are guaranteed to work for v9.