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New help videos

We’ve recently added two new YouTube videos describing features customers are often unaware of:

Column Filters

Column filters provide a quick way to filter the results of a search. Quite often, when people ask difficult ‘How do I search for’ questions, the answer is to use Column Filters to refine the search. More information can be found here:

Index Searching Tips

Since the index interface doesn’t have separate fields for separate search features it can be harder to figure out how to describe your search. This video aims to show common index search techniques. More information can be found here:

What’s next?

We have a few more ideas for videos but if you would like to see a video on a specific feature please send the request to Technical Support.

Version 2022 – Release

We’re really pleased to announce that the next version of FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack is now available for download:

There’s lots of nice new features including:

  • New visual themes (including a Dark theme)
  • Improved indexing functionality, including a new automatic update scheduler, index groups, and indexing of archives (e.g. zip, tar etc).
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality
  • Many more small updates and fixes

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New Blue theme

We’ve been ‘dog-fooding‘ the next major version for a few weeks now and everything is looking really nice, there’s still a few issues but work is progressing well. One of the areas that has had a big revamp is the visual themes, here’s an example of the new ‘Blue’ theme:

If you look closely you’ll also see a language change from ‘DOS Expression’ to ‘Wildcards’. The term ‘DOS Expression’ has been used in the product for over twenty years but now, when some of our younger users have never heard of DOS, the decision was made to gracefully retire the term from the UI.