Monthly Archives: February 2008

FileLocator Pro 64-bit version

We’ve been receiving more and more questions regarding FileLocator Pro on 64-bit platforms (mainly centered around non-working shell extensions) so I finally decided to try a 64-bit compilation of the source. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after just a couple of hours fixing some Visual Studio highlighted problems we had a working 64-bit version of FileLocator Pro.

The only ‘hard’ problem was some cryptographic code that contained hand-written assembly routines. Instead of re-writting this I linked with the excellent CryptoPP library instead.

Since the 64-version was compiled from the current trunk source, rather than the 4.0 787 build source, it’s been labelled as ‘beta’ for now. It’s available here:

Download Page

ps I should probably say that all testing has actually been done on a VMWare virtual machine running 64-bit Windows XP.