Version 8 – Feature Complete

Back in Apr 2016 when I introduced version 8 of FileLocator Pro I ended with a ‘Roadmap’ of planned features for version 8:

  • Customizable columns – the ability to add/remove columns and column options such as Author or Comments.
  • Document preview – WYSIWYG view for the most common document formats.
  • Thunderbird email searching.
  • Allow file criteria to be included in Persistent Search Filters.
  • Support for WPD attached storage (e.g. Phones).

The list was based on customer feedback and contained features I knew people wanted and would be disappointed weren’t in the initial release. I’m pleased to say that with build 2878 of FileLocator Pro the last of those promised features has been implemented. Over the last few years there’s been a lot of really nice new features added to the product which weren’t on the list but honouring the promises on the list was a major focus of the development efforts.

This also marks the point where there will be no more new features for version 8, all new work will now be in version 9. In the same vein as the version 8 roadmap I want to share some of the version 9 roadmap:

  • Built in Index update scheduler
  • Index group searching
  • Image OCR searching
  • User interface updates
  • Regular expression library for common searches, e.g. email addresses.

Just like with version 8, they’ll be much more than that but if there’s something REALLY important to you that’s not on the list please let me know.

Version 9 Upgrade Guarantee

Since there won’t be any new functionality for version 8 there is an upgrade guarantee that ALL customers who purchase version 8 on or after 1 Dec 2018 will be entitled to a FREE upgrade to version 9 and therefore all 9.x releases.