FileLocator Pro version 6 released

We did it! FileLocator Pro 6 is out and it’s looking great, for more information check out the 6.0 release newsletter here:

Making major changes to a product is not something to be taken lightly. Most of us have experienced the disappointment of installing a new update to a much-loved product only to find that rather than improving it the result was something bordering on useless.

I remember my personal frustration when upgrading PaintShop Pro from version 7 to 8. What had been a fast loading, easy to use, rock solid application suddenly morphed into a slumbering buggy monster. It was unceremoniously removed from my PC and thrown in the bin. It was only recently, 8 years later, that I felt brave enough to give it another go, now version X3. Sure enough many of the issues have now been resolved and it’s returned as my favourite image editing program but I still remember that sinking sense of disappointment.

Upgrade Disappointment was something I was determined would not happen with FileLocator Pro 6. There were some major under the hood changes regarding how data was read from disk and processed and since these routines are core to FileLocator Pro the introduction of even a small inefficiency is exaggerated over the course of an average search. Fortunately not only are the routines as fast as the original ones but in many circumstances significantly faster.

FileLocator Pro does remove support for Windows 2000 but while this might be frustrating for a small minority of users I think it’s worth the compromise.

So, it’s a great update. Right? Well, you can’t be sure you’ve hit the mark until your customers get their hands on it. Only when they start pounding away and using it in ways you’ve never thought of can you be sure. It’s still early days but so far the feedback has been amazing and the upgrade orders are record-breaking.

My heart-felt thanks go to all our customers. They’re the ones who really made Version 6 possible!

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