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In the UK there’s a very funny comedian by the name of Will Adamsdale. He wrote a song about a man standing at a traffic light pushing the Stop Traffic Button, the chorus went something like:

I’m pushing a button
That I think does nothing
Just to say I’m here

As I was becoming increasingly annoyed with a non-functioning app the other day I couldn’t help but wonder whether I was pushing the Cancel button just to say I was there? It obviously wasn’t doing anything so why did I keep pressing it? I guess I was just desperate for an acknowledgement from the app that it ‘knew’ I was trying to do something. I just wanted some feedback.

Feedback is critical. Whether it’s an app providing feedback to a person or a customer providing feedback to a company, feedback is empowering in so many ways. I vividly remember the early days of Agent Ransack. As a lone developer releasing a new app into the big wide world of April 2000 I had no idea that what I was doing was truly worthwhile. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that without the compliments, suggestions, and feedback from users around the globe Agent Ransack wouldn’t have survived.

With a new release of Agent Ransack planned for 2012 it’s now time to kindly ask for your feedback again. I understand that your time is valuable so I’ve tried to keep the questions to a minimum in the form of a short one page survey:

Agent Ransack 2012 – Wish List Survey

Mythicsoft’s on Twitter

I also have another favour to ask. I’ve just setup a Mythicsoft Twitter account and I could really do with your help in getting us established. If you use Twitter please consider following us by clicking on the link below:

6 thoughts on “Agent Ransack 2012

  1. Hans

    I’m a FileLocator Pro user. Is there a survey coming for this, too, or should I participate here? And yes, feedback is crucial. 🙂

  2. Dave Vest

    Thanks for the reminder. FileLocator Pro survey coming later this year, once we get v6.5 out the door we’ll be sending an email to all FileLocator Pro customers.

  3. Ben

    We really need a fix for the Agent Ransack/SolidWorks file hang issue. Is there any way this issue can be enabled on a new release of 2010?

    Otherwise are you able to advise when 2012 is expected for release?


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