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Playing Frisbee is like eating fish and chips

I was throwing a Frisbee with my six year old son at the weekend when he remarked:

Daddy, playing Frisbee is bit like eating fish and chips. Throwing a Frisbee is like eating a chip but catching one is like eating a bit of fish.

Which made me think. What can I compare to fish and chips?

The best I could come up with was bug fixing and adding new features:

Adding a new feature is like eating a chip but fixing a bug is like eating a bit of fish.

Hmm, it’s not quite the same is it?

Ps I bet you thought that would’ve been the other way around.

Agent Ransack 2012 (revisited)

Okay, you may have noticed a distinct lack of Agent Ranasck 2012 in, well, 2012. Unfortunately there was so much work going on with our other products that Agent Ransack work was pushed back.

However, work has started (I’ve even seen a demo) and I promise that it will be out in 2013. Honest. No excuses this time.

P.S. There’s also some really cool stuff in the pipeline for FileLocator Pro and FileLocator Network in 2013. Watch this space!

Agent Ransack 2012

In the UK there’s a very funny comedian by the name of Will Adamsdale. He wrote a song about a man standing at a traffic light pushing the Stop Traffic Button, the chorus went something like:

I’m pushing a button
That I think does nothing
Just to say I’m here

As I was becoming increasingly annoyed with a non-functioning app the other day I couldn’t help but wonder whether I was pushing the Cancel button just to say I was there? It obviously wasn’t doing anything so why did I keep pressing it? I guess I was just desperate for an acknowledgement from the app that it ‘knew’ I was trying to do something. I just wanted some feedback.

Feedback is critical. Whether it’s an app providing feedback to a person or a customer providing feedback to a company, feedback is empowering in so many ways. I vividly remember the early days of Agent Ransack. As a lone developer releasing a new app into the big wide world of April 2000 I had no idea that what I was doing was truly worthwhile. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that without the compliments, suggestions, and feedback from users around the globe Agent Ransack wouldn’t have survived.

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Windows 7 – Command Prompt Here

I’ve been using Windows 7 for a couple of days now and really like it. However, there was one small niggle… my ‘Command Prompt Here’ folder context menu option had disappeared.

It seems that Command Prompt Here has been added as a standard ‘Extended’ option in Windows 7 and that’s where my option had gone… onto the folder’s Extended context menu, which is visible if you hold down Shift while right-clicking on a folder. Since I use that option so often I wanted it back on the regular context menu. Fortunately this is very simple:
Open RegEdit

Go to HKCR\Directory\shell\cmd

Delete the string value ‘Extended’

And Hey Presto it’s back!

My issue with Vista

One of the first things you learn as a child, apart from how good chocolate tastes, is that if you do certain things without asking your mother first you’re going to be in trouble. Not all things but some. This is a lesson I think Windows Vista needs to learn.

What are you doing?

My development machine is just that, mine. I use it for at least 8 hours every day and, without sounding too weird, have a close affinity with it. When performing a task I have a pretty good idea how much pain the machine will be in, I can hear the hard drives working, I can see the CPU temperature increasing, I can feel the responsiveness of the machine slow. It’s all cause and effect. However, when I hear the computer working without my instruction, like a mother who’s just found her ever helpful toddler trying to put the carving knives away, I have to ask “What are you doing!?”.

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