Version 2021 Beta release available

I’m pleased to announce that the beta version for the next major release of FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack is now available to download. This version has been a long time in the making and includes some really nice improvements, and will be a free upgrade for any recent purchases.


  • OCR text for scanned documents and images
  • Major improvements to indexing and index management
  • User interface updates, including a dark theme
  • Many more minor improvements

Please note that this is a beta version of the product and will contain bugs, although hopefully not too many. The help file has not yet been updated so if you have questions about specific features please ask Support.

Over the next few weeks more beta versions will be released along with improved documentation on the new features so please check back here for updates.


Full installation: 32-bit & 64-bit

Portable version: 32-bit | 64-bit

Update – 24 Nov (Build 3266):

  • Dark mode re-draw issue.
  • Rollback issue with index updates.
  • Other minor fixes.
Update – 16 Nov (Build 3265):

  • Windows 11 Support.
  • Improved handling of ligatures in PDFs.
  • Fixed Preview/Text tab issue with .MSG files.
  • Improved monitoring for network drives.
  • Other minor fixes.
Update – 6 Nov (Build 3264):

  • Empty index issue.
  • Index monitor was stopping.
Update – 2 Nov (Build 3262):

  • Index synchronization fixes.
  • Index explorer was showing a blank folder at root of zips.
Update – 21 Oct (Build 3259):

  • Index monitor shutting down fix.
Update – 20 Oct (Build 3258):

  • Index monitor memory improvements.
  • EML and MBOX file searching fixes.
  • Other minor fixes.
Update – 7 Oct (Build 3255):

  • Crashing issue on index searches fixed.
  • Improved index scheduling UI.
  • EML file searching fixes.

Update – 30 Sep (Build 3254):

  • Improved index file name searching.
  • Index cancellation issues.
  • Other minor fixes.

Update – 25 Sep (Build 3251):

  • Improved colours for dark theme.
  • Index cancellation issues.
  • “Unknown Hard Error” fix.
  • Slow name only indexing fix.
  • Other minor fixes.

Update – 18 Sep (Build 3247):

  • Scheduler list issues.

Update – 15 Sep (Build 3246):

  • Indexing related fixes.

Update – 6 Sep (Build 3240):

  • Indexing process issues fixed.
  • Other minor issues.

Update – 1 Sep (Build 3238):

  • Fixes issue searching for quoted text.
  • Fixes column rearranging issue.

Update – 26 Aug (Build 3237):

  • Fixes ‘Unable to display hits’ issue.
  • Fixes IFilter loading issue.

Update – 22 Aug (Build 3236):

  • Fixes index search excessive memory use.
  • Fixes highlighting terms issue.
  • More index filters: moddt, name, ext, e.g.:
searchterm ext:pdf moddt:>1/8/2021

Update – 17 Aug (Build 3233):

  • Faster indexing.
  • Fixes issue with opening indexed emails.
  • Other minor issues.

Update – 12 Aug (Build 3230):

  • Fixes issue with trial version not starting properly.
  • New filter ‘lookin:’ on Index Search to filter by path.


4 thoughts on “Version 2021 Beta release available

  1. Rainer Kollerer

    Dear all,
    I really like your product.
    But there is one litte feature I am missing:
    I can choose to include subfolders – or not.
    But I cannot select how many levels of subfolders I want to search.
    Often I only want to search in the 2 or 3 topmost levels.
    It would be nice if you could implement this feature somewhen.
    Rainer Kollerer.

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